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The beauty business coach

Jan 18, 2021

How many times to you hear people in business say if you want something done right do it yourself?

A hell of lot, people say this in life and business and I believe it is a trust and control trait that we have. But why?

When we set up out business we want to keep costs down and we want to do everything ourselves which is completely understandable. As beauty professionals we are known for our trade and our personnel care with our clients but this is only a small part of the running of our business.

Outsourcing is something that needs to be done to enable you are not consumed by all these tasks that 1. don't fufill you and 2. you are not an expert at.

If I was to create a website for my business it would take my weeks of learning, understanding and and implementing a pretty piss pore website. Just think how much your time is worth and how much money you could of earned by doing what inspires you and motivates you. Just remind yourself why you went into the industry you are in.

Outsource tasks to people and businesses that are experienced and doing their trade everyday will do a more effective job in a speedy time frame. If you hold all your cards to close and do not outsource to others, your business will never grow. You are not giving yourself the time and energy to focus on what really inspires you and your business goals.

So if you want something done right and it is not your skill, out source it to someone who's skill it is.

What I outsource:





Video editing

Social media

Digital tools

These are things that don't inspire me and would take my time and energy away from what really motivates me and inspires me. With out outsourcing these task my business would not be growing at the rate it is. As entrepreneurs we need to understand our strengths and weaknesses and learn to trust others to help our business grow and become the entrepreneur and business we know we can be.

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