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The beauty business coach

Jul 2, 2022

It is back baby my FREE 5 day Business accelerator. 

Time to scale up your beauty business,

we are all taught our craft but are we taught to run, scale and level up in our beauty business?

Business coaching for beauty therapist, hair dressers, aesthectitians.

What I am going to teach you is how you can use your current skills and knowledge in the beauty industry to scale up, level up and earn money while you sleep. Has their ever been a time when you have had to cancel clients last minute? what happens then? is no money coming through the till, reduced income and wages for that week. Is this a good business model to have? What you will learn is how to: STREAMLINE your business AVATAR, do you know who they are? NICHE, What is your special sauce? DIVERSIFY, How can you use this to level up and create extra streams of revenue? YOUR FUTURE, what is the goal and how do we get their? You might be thinking i cant afford the time, money and effort to invest in a business coach for my beauty salon........You cant afford not to, you will eventually cap out and not have enough hours in the day. There is no time like the present, connect with me now.